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关于我们 About Us

2012-12-19 16:12


VeeMall was established in 2012.

Vee is We

VeeMall is an online shopping mall Vee setup, together

to enjoy the benefits and conveniences online shopping brings



VeeMall was themed to treat all customers as of our friends - be sincere and trustworthy. An Utopia in eCommerce industry. However, in order to do what is said, Vee need to ensure:

Integrity - All transactions must be fulfilled in good faith under the premise. Violators will be punished *

Safety - Personal or business information of VeeBuyer and VeeSeller will be protected, VeeMall will never disclose to any unauthorized third party *

Efficiency - VeeMall will ensure VeeStore sellers to deliver goods purchased to reach your doorstep timely *

Fun - the user interface is simple, clear, and user-friendly, let VeeMall users have a pleasant online shopping experience



Let’s befriend VeeMall.





Team VeeMall



VeeMall 成立于2012年。没有中文译名,只有 VeeMall。

顾音思义,Vee 代表 我们;




Vee 理念

VeeMall 是由一帮痞子好友创造的。理念固然就是把客户或用户当作朋友来对待 - 用心及真诚。在网络世界中塑造一个乌托邦 - 一个充满着 友情 以及 欢乐 的网上购物广场。


1.诚信 – 所有的交易必须在诚信前提下达成。如有违背者,必受惩罚*

2.安全 – VeeBuyer 和 VeeSeller 的个人或公司资料将获得保障,VeeMall 决不公开于未授权第三方*

3.效率 – VeeMall 将歇尽所能确保 Vee 业主将网购商品能及时抵达你家门口*

4.欢乐 - 用户界面应当简约、一目了然、以及用户友好 (User-friendly)。让VeeMall 用户能够拥有愉快的网上购物经验







VeeMall 全体员工  鸣谢



* VeeMall User agreement & Policy

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